Show Our Seniors You Care

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SGD 10.00

raised of SGD 50,000.00 goal

Fei Yue Community Services is a Charity Staff of the beneficiary.

Fei Yue's Eldercare Services caters to the physical, emotional and mental needs of the seniors. Our Senior Activity Centres identify seniors staying in rental flats with little family and social support, pro-actively conduct outreach to the seniors to prevent social isolation and improve the quality of life for seniors in low-income group.

The $50,000 raised will be used to purchase NTUC vouchers for the seniors served by the 11 Fei Yue Senior Activity Centres.

You can show them that you CARE by giving to our needs of enabling them to have the means to purchase daily necessities and food, which will be used to improve these seniors' physical, mental & social well-being.

Your contribution can change the lives of these seniors, and let them know you care!

More updates coming soon!